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Your innovative partner for truck storage optimisation...

Boogie box - home box

Boogie box

A popular & innovative solution for optimising storage space – available in plywood and steel

Boxed Solutions

- innovative solutions for protection and space optimisation

BoxedSolutions develops and manufactures innovative box, tank and cover solutions with a wide range of applications – for a wide range of sectors. Our expertise in designing and building customised storage boxes, tanks for fluids and screening solutions can benefit all areas and sectors with a need to maximise space.

From standard to customised solutions

In addition to manufacturing standard products, BoxedSolutions specialises in developing and manufacturing individually tailored solutions for our customers.
This enables us to fully exploit space restrictions so that our customers can carry the necessary equipment, fuel or fluids such as water and hydraulic oils, etc.

All our premium-quality products are manufactured in Denmark. Our products are sold throughout the greater part of Europe through our own sales organisation or distributor network.

Development and consultancy

We are renowned for our high-quality products, excellent craftsmanship and our knowledge of legal requirements.
To continually be at the forefront of box and covering development, BoxedSolutions has established its own development and consultancy department to assist our customers throughout Europe in finding precisely the solution to fit their needs – regardless of sector