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AKA Tanks – the robust solution for the maritime sector

We manufacture innovative, customised tank solutions for fuel, hydraulic oil and other liquids for pleasure craft, fishing vessels and other offshore vessels. We are experts in manufacturing fuel, hydraulic oil, water, and septic tanks that enable vessels either to transport greater loads by exploiting the minimal space or to replace worn-out tanks.
Our premium quality tanks, which comply with all safety regulations, can be configured with a retractable option, a sight glass, filters, etc.

Customised solutions for AKA Tanks

We can supply AKA Tanks in virtually every design and dimension the customer desires.

  • Diesel tanks
  • Hydraulic tanks
  • Water tanks
  • Septic tanks
  • Combination tanks
  • End Tank, a tank that sits at the end of the truck
  • Tanks combined with boxes

We design AKA Tanks to fit your express requirements

In order to provide a quote and a delivery time for customised AKA Tanks, we require the following data:

  • dimensions (b x h x d) including special design accompanied by drawing (where applicable)
  • material preferences
  • number of litres
  • etc.

We are happy to advise customers as to the best solutions for customised AKA Tanks, so please contact our development and design department.


fuel tank, combi fuel tank, tank for water, oil tank, hydraulic tank for lorry, trucks, special vehicles, agriculture, crane

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Features AKA Tanke

AKA Tank features

  • extremely stable solution with robust design adapted to the transport sector
  • AKA tank pipe with lock,
  • immersed fuelling
  • fuel anti-theft protection
  • option of integrated suspension system for fast, easy mounting

Material specifications:   

Materials: 3 mm steel plate or 2.5 mm stainless steel.