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opbevaring box

easy to fit, fixed dimensions – at competitive prices

Lastbil Tanke

lastbil tanke

Tanks for extra fuel, hydraulic oil and other fluids


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A popular & innovative solution for optimising storage space – available in plywood and steel

Your innovative partner for truck storage optimisation

BoxedSolutions supplies optimal solutions to the truck sector that maximise storage space for fittings, equipment and fluids – and customised tarpaulins for trailers and cover systems.

  • box for storing specialised equipment or extra storage space
  • tanks for extra fuel, hydraulic oil and other fluids
  • tarpaulins and truck bed tarpaulins, also with printed advertising

All provided by the same supplier so that you only have to go to a single source. We see to the rest…

Renowned boxes and tanks such as Danbox and AKA

For many years, we have manufactured our successful range of approved Danbox and AKA box solutions aimed at the transport sector. Both box types are available in standard and customised variants.
We also manufacture innovative tank solutions for fuel, hydraulic oil and other fluids, enabling trucks to carry larger volumes by fully exploiting the space available.

Correct box layout maximises efficiency

BoxedSolutions has extensive experience in designing boxes that cover a wide range of needs, including the storage of driver equipment, boxes that provide easy access to chains and specialised tools – or that accommodate a mini kitchen. The possibilities are endless – and with the right layout design, the driver can look forward to greater efficiency and an easier workflow.

Tarpaulins in all sizes – also with printed advertising

We also supply tarpaulins and covers in all sizes for trucks and trailers, as we have our own modern production facilities for customising and adapting tarpaulins to suit every type of truck and trailer imaginable. 

We can even print your logo and graphic designs onto the tarpaulins so that you get a full turnkey solution from the same supplier.

Get in touch with us and let us know your precise needs…